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Do you want to increase your ARPU (average revenue per user), whilst eliminating fraud attacks and further financial risks? CxB offers a suite of risk management software applications for small and large CSPs (communication service providers).

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Many smaller telecommunications operators are opening the door to fraudsters by operating without fraud believing the cost of implementing a fraud management software application outweighs the loss of revenue they are currently suffering, but this only works in the short term. Quality of service will be damaged leading to customer dissatisfaction, churn and further loss of profit. Larger operators may have a bigger budget to spend on fraud but, why should they pay more for risk management? Our fraud management software applications are flexible, regardless of the size of your operation, whether you are a fixed-line service provider or a mobile network operator. CxB solutions are here to help protect your revenue, customers and reputation.

Yes, CxB is reasonably priced. No, you donít lose features

We invite you to sit down and discuss your concerns, ask us questions, put CxB to the test. The CxB team will listen to you and talk through the best fraud solutions to protect your business. We possess knowledge and experience from CSPs, Fraud Management System editors, and financial institutions.

Our current applications offer protection against:

Additional protection will be offered with our Fraud Management System (FMS) (due for release 2012)

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For a brief description of our fraud and revenue protection software please browse our website. Should you require more information or would like to schedule a meeting or online demo, please contact CxB solutions.


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